1. The name of Limited Liability Company is Three Strand Enterprises, LLC.

2. The Company’s initial designated office is located at 4631 380th Road, Alliance, NE 69301, the mailing address is 4631 380th Road, Alliance, NE 69301.

3. The Company’s registered office is 4631 380th Road, Alliance, NE 69301, and the initial registered agent is Shauna L. Meyring.

4. The general nature of the business to be transacted is any and all lawful business for which a limited liability company may be organized under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.  

5. The Company was domesticated in Nebraska and commenced on March 31, 2021 and its duration is perpetual.

6. The affairs of the Company will be conducted by its Managers in accordance with the Operating Agreement. 

Katie Samples Dean, NSBA 25743

Samples Dean Law, LLC

1013 Main Street | PO Box 577

Bridgeport, NE 69336

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Published: April 28, May 5, & May 12, 2021