New Chapter for Gordon Livestock

The new owners of Gordon Livestock stand from left to right: Jarrod & Paula Anderson, Tom & Patsy Tines, and Eric & Kate Popkes. The new owners of Gordon Livestock stand from left to right: Jarrod & Paula Anderson, Tom & Patsy Tines, and Eric & Kate Popkes. Photo by Courtney Ostrander

By: Courtney Ostrander

On Wednesday, September 23 the official documents were signed, and the new owners of Gordon sale barn officially took over. 

Three couples will take the helm of Gordon Livestock. Eric and Kate Popkes, whom own/operate a feedlot and yearling operation together near Emmet, Nebraska. Jarrod and Paula Anderson whom feed cattle near Minatare, Nebraska. Jarrod also travels up and down Highway 20 as a weighup cow and feeder cattle buyer. Paula accompanies him on Tuesdays to clerk the auction. Tom and Patsy Tines reside just East of Gordon and have hauled cattle in and out of the Gordon area for 25 years, but both have been working under Dick and Linda Minor for the last two years at the sale barn.

 Gordon Livestock came up for sale earlier this year, and interest peaked with Tines and Anderson. Through conversations with the Popkes, the sale barn was mentioned, and shortly thereafter the Popkes decided they’d like to join the endeavor.  “We understood the value of a community having a sale barn, we are a great team together, and we each have great contacts and resources to bring to the table here at the Gordon sale barn,” stated Anderson. 

One of the first goals for the new venture is that they hope to gain the community’s trust.We are going to work hard to build community relations, both downtown and out in the country. We want to provide a strong and stable market for the producers that trust us to market their livestock, we want the area main streets to benefit from the traffic that the sales generate, and we hope to do as much of our own business in the area as possible, too,” said Popkes. 

There are many other goals on the Gordon Livestock Market team’s agenda; some will happen right away and some will take time to accomplish. “Look for a completely new website and for some new field reps in the very near future. As much as we would like to personally come see all of our consignors, it’s simply not going to be possible to do in such a short period of time. With the fall run of calves fast approaching, we are hoping that with the help of field reps we can get around to hopefully seeing most everyone’s livestock and discussing their marketing plans,” said Tines.

The Gordon sale barn has long been family-owned and operated, and the new owners hope to continue this tradition. “We are a family here at the sale barn and we want the public to feel that way when they are here, too. Eric and Kate have five kids, Tom and I have two kids, and Jarrod and Paula have three, so this is a place that needs to be family-friendly,” stated Tines.

They hope to, keep all of the employees that make operations at Gordon Livestock Market possible. Tom will be leading the daily operations at Gordon Livestock Market. Jarrod will continue to buy cattle all week. Paula will still be clerking the sales. Eric and Kate will be in Gordon from time to time helping out as needed. Linda Minor plans to stay in the office for the interim to help Patsy transition into her position. Mark Franklin will continue to be the yard manager. Shawn Combs will continue to auctioneer at Gordon, but he will be accompanied by another auctioneer for the larger and special sales. Link and Deb Thompson will also continue to orchestrate the horse sales. Cattle sales will still be held on Tuesdays and Horse sales will still typically be as advertised. 

“We are planning on having a meet and greet/open house for the public to get to know us and for us to get to know all of you on Tuesday, October 6 at the sale barn at 12:30 p.m. We’d like to invite everyone to stop by for a complimentary pulled pork meal. Please bring your own mask if you so desire, but we’d still like to shake your hand. We are really excited to be a part of this community and hope we can really help folks with their livestock marketing, but the first step might be to just put faces to names,” said Tines.

Gordon Livestock Market will be having a Regular Weighup sale on October 6, and then Weighup and Special Spring Calf/Yearling sale on October 13. Sunday, October 18 will be a catalog horse sale. October 20, and 27 will be weighups and special feeder sales. November 3 will only be a weigh up sale to give everyone a chance to go vote. November 10 will be another weighup and special feeder sale. November 17 will be a weighup sale and special bred cow and heifer sale. Then on November 24 there will be a weighup and open horse sale. 

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