25 years and counting, First National Bank of Gordon celebrates Dayna Browder

25 years and counting, First National Bank of Gordon celebrates Dayna Browder

By Scott Bidroski

Within the walls of the First National Bank of Gordon, there has been one constant for the past 25 years.

That constant is Dayna Browder, who joined the staff in 1998.

This Thursday, August 24 marks 25 years Browder has spent with FNB in Gordon.

“I remember my initial interview with Gary Ruse, Pat Rigglemann, Jim Smith, and Lana Merchen in 1998,” said Browder.

“At that time, I was the youngest employee at 23 years of age. They thought I would be a good fit with my agriculture background and accounting skills,” she added.

And truth be told, their instincts were spot on.

One of the first projects that Browder was assigned to will ring a bell to those of us 20 years or older; the Y2K transition.

She began working on testing for the upcoming roll into the new century, running the loan and deposit software through to make sure the transition would be smooth.

As hindsight is always 20/20, there were no issues with the Y2K transition but Browder was on the front lines at the time to double check.

Browder pushed on from there, doing her best to be a very diverse employee for the organization.

“From completing the bank’s financial reports quarterly, helping count the vault, renewing ag lines of credit, and finishing a teller cash audit, I enjoy doing various tasks to help make the bank run smoother,” said Browder.

As you can expect over the course of 25 years there have been many highlights.

Celebrating the 125th Anniversary in 2014 is one that sticks out immediately along with being named a five-star bank by Bauer Financial.

But the true highlights for Browder comes down to helping make her customer’s dreams come true and seeing them find success.

“The most rewarding experience I have had include seeing long time ag operators go from being borrowers to becoming depositors,” said Browder.

There have been many changes and challenges the bank has faced over those 25 years according to Browder.

She has seen the effects of weather events like the Atlas Blizzard, extreme drought of 2012, and the harsh winter we had this past year.

Noting the close knit family atmosphere of the bank, the loss of an employee is felt as well.

Browder notes the impact that Jan Ziller, who passed away in 1999, and Joy Isham, who passed away in 2016. She notes that the positive impact that those two women had on her career will always stay with her.

But through all the good and the challenges that have arisen over the 25 years, Browder knows she is exactly where she needs to be.

“I’m proud to be associated with FNB for a number of reasons,” said Browder.

“As a former Sheridan County 4-H’er in the 1980’s, it’s neat to see the bank be so supportive of these youth. Also, our employees are talented and active in the community as well. Whether it be volunteering in leadership roles for various organizations and Boards, to running and managing their own businesses, our employees are definitely a great asset to the community as well as the bank,” she added.

Browder’s impact does not go unnoticed by Jay Isham, Senior Vice President of FNB - Gordon.

“We are proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dayna Browder’s employment,” said Isham.

“When I think of Dayna, I think of prompt service, reliable advice, and loyalty to the bank and her customers. We would not be the bank we are today without her service and we look forward to her continued contributions to this bank,” he added.

So make sure to send a congratulatory note to Browder this week or next for her 25 years of positive impact on the community of Gordon. She will not be hard to find as she will continue taking care of business at the First National Bank.

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