Brad Gates chosen for Gordon City Council

Brad Gates chosen for Gordon City Council

By Scott Bidroski

The regular meeting of the Gordon City Council on Thursday, September 14 began following the Public Hearing on the 2023-24 Fiscal Year Budget Statement.

There was some discussion between the Council and City Manager Glen Spaugh about the budget but no public comments.

The Budget Hearing was closed and the Council moved into the regular meeting.

Resolution 2023-11: 2023/2024 Property Tax Request was the first item up for the meeting.

The tax levy was lowered from .472 to .42304 and the proposed operating budget for the City of Gordon will go down 8.6% overall in the next fiscal year.

The Council approved this Resolution and subsequently adopted the 23/24 fiscal year budget statement.

The next highlight of the meeting was the appointment of a new member to the Council.

Brad Gates was chosen by the Council to fill the vacancy and joined the Council for the remainder of the meeting after being sworn in.

The Council then nominated DeHart to become the new Board President and elected Kelly Grant as Vice President.

A review of Ordinances 1227, 1228, 1229, and 1230 all occurred. 

Some potential changes to those Ordinances could happen in the future but no action were taken on any of those items.

The School Resource Officer contract for the 2023-24 year was approved by the Council.

Spaugh noted that the City of Rushville is not going to approve any funds to help this year so the City of Gordon will be responsible for the full amount.

Shane Pascale spoke to the Council about the Swimming Pool and a Water/Sewer overview.

Pascale outlined some processes to the Council on how the pool is maintained and how much work is sometimes required.

He also went over some new requirements that have been instilled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on lead and copper pipes for water systems. Pascale told the Council that he will do some research on the line inventory in the city and let the Council know what possibly might have to be done.

Department and Manager Reports were delivered to the Council.

Bounous asked Spaugh on an update on the Bonnie Musfelt vehicles and the court proceedings.

Spaugh noted that Musfelt was successful on appeal and the vehicles were returned to the owner but are now outside the city limits.

Public comment was opened as the final item of the meeting.

Carolyn Green, Marlys Slater, and Joe Headrick addressed the Council on a variety of items.

With no further business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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