Johndreau Family settles in at Main Street Dental in Chadron

Johndreau Family settles in at Main Street Dental in Chadron

By Scott Bidroski

New duty station, a new ship, a new command or a new charge. No matter how you word it, the Johndreau family has begun a new chapter in Chadron while still holding strong to their Sheridan County ties.

Drs. Stephen and Melissa Johndreau, along with their 4 children, have purchased Main Street Dental in Chadron and have began to positively affect the Panhandle community.

The pair have joined Dr. Travis Lambert at the location, along with the outstanding group of hygienists and staff.

Stephen, who was active in the United States Navy for 22 plus years, finished his final stint at the duty station in Groton, Conn. before making the move back to the area that his family has had roots in since 1924.

The original plan was to relocate to Sheridan County but due to facility constraints, the right fit ended up being at Main Street Dental.

“I was born in Gordon and we always knew eventually, after military service, it would be time to come home,” said Dr. Stephen Johndreau.

“When we discovered the opportunity to buy Main Street Dental, we knew it was going to be the right fit. We now have all the space we need to provide all the treatment plans we want to provide for our patients,” he added.

That fit allows the pair to provide a full-service clinic for all of their patients.

This includes all routine and most advanced procedures which can be completed in their office without any need to be referred to another town or city.

The pair will be adding sedation dentistry to their scope of practice as well, to help those who may need a lot of care during one visit. This will allow patients who require this amount of care to get caught up with their oral health with less stress and anxiety.

Their extensive background in dentistry has prepared them to serve the surrounding communities and provide this full range of procedures.

Dr. Melissa Johndreau is a graduate of Marquette University Dental School and served in the U.S. Navy Dental Corps, 3rd Dental Battalion in Okinawa, Japan and completed her residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. She has spent the last 15 years practicing dentistry all over the country.

Dr. Stephen Johndreau graduated with honors from the Marquette University College of Engineering. He was the command exodentist at the Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn. before coming back to the Panhandle.

There is no doubt their extensive experience in the dental field will be an immediate positive for patients in Chadron and beyond.

“From day one, the Navy pushed us to get out of our comfort zone, experience, learn, and lead,” said Dr. Melissa Johndreau.

“We want people to feel like they have a dental home they can count on,” she added.

While they settled on working in Chadron, the ties to Sheridan County are still strong with the family. And one of their main goals is to continue to develop that connection with an area that is very meaningful to them.

Stephen and Melissa were engaged on the Johndreau ranch along the Niobrara River south of Gordon and they are continuing work on the original homestead when they have free time.

“We absolutely love the ranch south of Gordon; it is a part of who we are. We want to share the ranch-life and teach our four children how to maintain and operate a ranch. We’ve enjoyed the summer days in the river, moving cattle, improving and maintaining the land, and look forward to hunting seasons this fall and winter,” said Dr. Stephen Johndreau.

As many residents know in the area, dental providers are sometimes hard to find. Drs. Stephen and Melissa Johndreau want to help bridge that gap with their office in Chadron.

“We would love to welcome anyone to our practice. We have a special bond with the people of Sheridan County because we are a part of them, and they are a part of us,” said Dr. Stephen Johndreau.

Main Street Dental is located at 374 Main St. in Chadron. If you have any questions about the services they can provide, they can be reached at 308- 432-5626.

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