Area students win medals at CSC Scholastic Contest

Students from the region were among the medalists at the 52nd Scholastic Contest at Chadron State College on Friday, April 13.

Each year, the Scholastic Contest attracts the region’s brightest high school students. The annual event began in 1961 and is believed to the oldest and largest of its kind in the region. This year’s contest had 1,427 entries from 50 high schools.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top three placewinners for each test. The seniors who win gold in the


Hay Springs City Council creates airport advisory board, appoints three

By Ang Gilchrist At their regularly scheduled meeting on April 10, the city council voted to create an Airport Advisory Board. The three community members appointed to the board include Mary Hansen, Russ Reichenberg, and Jim Varvel. City council member Randy Turman will also have an active roll on the board. The purpose of the board will be to collect and present information and projections to the council in regards to maintaining the current airport and hangers, looking into fund raisers


Two NRPPD employees fined $2000 in civil penalties, appeal pending

By Ang Gilchrist

The State of Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission has ruled in favor of a complaint filed by Michael Van Buskirk, alleging that publicly funded radio advertising was used to campaign against him in the months leading up to the November 2010 Board of Directors election for the Nebraska Rural Public Power District(NRPPD).

“As an individual, I feel like justice has been served as a result of this process. Now it is up to the district to make these tough choices


Two locals finish 26.2 mile Boston Marathon

By Ang Gilchrist

Despite brutal temperatures reaching 89 degrees, two local residents completed the Boston Marathon held last Monday, April 16. The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, dating back 116 years, with runners representing over 80 countries around the world. Although open to any athlete 18 years or older, the individuals must qualify on a certified course in the prior 18 months before the marathon and complete a stringent application process to receive an


Three Mustangs receive RHOP scholarships

The Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) is a cooperative program between Chadron State College and the Univeristy of Nebraska Medical Center. The purpose of the program is to recruit and educate traditional students from rural Nebraska who will return to practice in rural areas of the state. This program represents a commitment and dedication to the education of Nebraskans and quality health care for citizens of the state. Teale Beguin of Rushville was selected to participate in the


Neb. Patrol: Vandalism in Whiteclay 'concerning'

Associated Press

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ State law enforcement officers were helping patrol a small Nebraska town Monday following the vandalism of two beer trucks earlier this month near a South Dakota Indian reservation where alcohol is banned.

Col. David Sankey, the superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, said more officers will keep watch on the tiny Nebraska town of Whiteclay during beer deliveries because of an uptick in vandalism from protesters opposing beer

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