Hawks advance to state championship with shutout win

By Jordan Huether

The Hay Springs Hawks football team has something special this year. They continued to prove that Friday night with a 38-0 performance over the Minatare  Indians in the Nebraska D-6 semifinal game on their home field. The Hawks have outscored their opponents 154-27 through the first three games of the playoff bracket. They now advance to face the undefeated Wilcox-Hildreth Falcons Friday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. MT in Kearney.

Hay Springs jumped out to a quick 13-0 lead over Minatare on two touchdown runs by Trent Reed before things slowed down with the cold weather. Both teams experienced multiple turnovers and dropped passes as the frozen pigskin proved to slippery. The Hawks came out of the locker room with renewed vigor in the second half, and quickly racked up 19 more points with another run by Trent Reed and two big receiving touchdowns by Brodey Planansky in the third quarter. Jarret Pieper would find the endzone on the ground in the fourth quarter to seal the win.

The undefeated Hawks were led by freshman quarterback Logan DeCoste, who was 2-6 passing for 73 yards. Trent Reed completed the only pass he threw, good for 44 yards.

Reed continued to do the heavy lifting in the run game, racking up 274 yards and 3 touchdowns on 26 carries, for an average of 10.5 yards per carry, including a big 70 yard run. Pieper was also a big contributor on the ground, running for 102 yards and one touchdown on 14 carries, including a big 50-yard run. Bryce Running Hawk added two carries for five yards, and also had one reception for 17 yards. Brodey Planansky had two receptions for 100 yards and two touchdowns.

As dominant as the Hawks’ offense was, their defense shined the most, completely shutting down the Indians throughout the game. Sophomore Cade Moore led the Hawks with 12 tackles, including four for a loss. Running Hawks had 11 tackles. Pieper had nine tackles, including 2 for a loss. Baiden Planansky had 8 tackles, Trent Reed 6, Brody Planansky 2, Austin Anderson 1, Johnny Toof 1.


Regulators overcome deficit to beat Sydney 12-8

By Lauren Brant

The Regulators baseball team hosted Sydney on Tuesday, June 26 and overcame an early deficit to win 12-8.

As the game got underway, the Regulators managed the field, limiting Sydney to two runs in the first two innings. At the plate, they struggled to get runners around the bases. “We played a pretty decent defensive game all around,” wrote Coach Rob Close. “Offensively, we flat out sucked for the first two innings.”

The Regulators were down 0-5, in what appeared to be a continuation of the June 24 match up between the two teams where hits were scarce. However, the Regulators responded in the bottom of the third inning. With the bases loaded, Logan Dexter was up to bat and hit a pop fly into left field, which led to two runs. The Regulators had settled into the game and were able to overcome the 5-run deficit, scoring 8 runs in the bottom of that inning.

Morgan Hurlburt went 2 for 4 with 3 RBIs and scored 2 runs. Brady Bohlender drove in two and scored a run. Matthew Johnson pitched and secured a victory for the team.

Coach Close is focused on game preparation as the team looks ahead to the rest of the season. Still, he was pleased with the team’s ability to turn the game around and make good plays on the ball to secure a win.


Regulators go 2-1 at Alliance tournament

By Lauren Brant

The Regulators baseball team traveled to Alliance for a three-day tournament over the weekend. They went 2-1 at the tournament.

Their first game was against Alliance. The Regulators were able to score two runs early in the game. They entered into the 5th inning tied with 2 runs but were unable to limit their errors and stop the Alliance offense. Alliance scored 3 runs in the fifth inning and then 4 runs in the sixth.  They lost 9-2. Trace Beguin pitched for the Regulators and struck out five batters while giving up only 2 earned runs. Trent Reed was 1 for 3 with a double, which led to the Regulators’ two runs during the game.

In the second game, the Regulators faced Martin and won 7-6. Morgan Hurlburt was on the mound for the team and went 4 for 4 at the plate. He had 2 triples and a double-scoring twice. He drove in one baseman. Reed went 2 for 4, scoring one run and had 2 RBIs. Harley Bayne also made it to home plate for the team as he went 2 for 3 and had an RBI.

The final game of the tournament was against Sidney.  Morgan Hurlburt was 1 for 3 and scored one run and Trace Beguin went 2 for 2 with an RBI. Broc Black Calf led his team on the mound, giving up no earned runs and collecting 10 strikeouts. He threw 98 pitches during the game and of those, 80 pitches were strikes. The Regulators defeated Sidney 2-1. “It’s hard to lose when your pitcher is locating the ball like that,” wrote Coach Rob Close. “Sidney can hit; Broc was just that good today.”

While the Regulators ended the tournament with a winning record, Coach Close said the team struggled at the plate. “We really need to shore up our bat control and stop striking out so much,” he said.

He shared that the team is strong at the plate but they need to trust themselves and be selective when swinging.

The Regulators next game will be on Tuesday, July 10 at 7 p.m. in Martin. 


Mustangs compete at District Track & Field: Campbell sets new school record

The Gordon-Rushville Mustangs traveled to Ogallala on Thursday, May 10 to compete in the District B6 track and field meet. The men’s team finished in 8th place with 22 points and the women’s team finished in 10th place with 2 points.

Individual results from the meet follow.

100 M preliminaries

17. Jared Nelson 11.95 sec.

23. Elijah Jackson 12.33 sec.

25. Tommy Bragg 12.97 sec.

25. Matison Moore 14.55 sec.

26. Sierra Garrett 14.66 sec.

27. Beth Bragg 14.73 sec.

200 M preliminaries

15. Andrew Pushkanov 24.73 sec.

18. Elijah Jackson 24.98 sec.

21. Kaden Vincent 25.21 sec.

17. Matison Moore 29.33 sec.

21. Sierra Garrett 30.19 sec.

22. Beth Bragg 31.28 sec.

400 M finals

2. Korby Campbell 51.91 sec. (season record)

5. Denis Mulcahy 53.49 sec.

9. Faith Brehmer 1:05.22

11. Jayla Brehmer 1:05.46

800 M finals

9. Zane Harris 2:15.11 

12. Ashley Beguin  2:53.05

19. Shelby Hurlburt 3:02.98

1600 M finals

13. Logan Dexter 5:23.15

14. Max Meng 5:23.74

18. Jesse Moss 5:53.39

11. Moss Bayne 6:59.89

12. Ashton Davis 7:07.26

3200 M

10. Justin Frandsen 12:05.20

4x400 Relay

4. Korby Campbell, Jared Nelson, Zane Hamilton, Denis Mulcahy 3:31.97

5. Faith Brehmer, Matison Moore, Beth Bragg, Jayla Brehmer 4:28.84

Shot Put

21. Damian Holeman 38 ft. 5 in.

27. Rett Andrews 34 ft. 2.25 in.

28. Riley Snyder 31 ft. 2.50 in.

23. Jacobie Knight 28 ft. 11.75 in.

25. Ashley Beguin 28 ft. 7 in.

28. Bree Lovell 24 ft. 7 in.


8. Conner Halverson 129 ft. 5 in (PR)

24. Cade Fisher 106 ft. 6.50 in.

29. Damian Holeman 90 ft. 8.50 in.

13. Jacobie Knight 93 ft. 5.50 in.

21. Sierra Garrett 82 ft. 3 in. (PR)

22. India Rittgarn 80 ft. 5 in. (PR)

High Jump

9. Jared Nelson 5 ft 8 in.

8. Jayla Brehmer 4 ft 9 in.

Long Jump

2. Korby Campbell 21 ft. 6.75 in. (PR) *Campbell broke the GRHS school record of 21 ft. 3.75 in. He had tied the school record twice this season.

18. Kaden Vincent 16 ft. 1.75 in.

16. Jayla Brehmer 13 ft. 11.50 in. (PR)

Triple Jump

Andrew Pushkanov 37 ft. 8.75 in.

17. Grace Anderson 29 ft. 1 in. (PR)

18. Matison Moore 28 ft. 7 in.

A hand full of Mustangs will compete in the NSAA Class B State Meet on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19. Korby Campbell will compete in the long jump, open 400 and 4x400 M relay. Denis Mulcahy, Zane Hamilton, and Jared Nelson will also compete in the 4x400 M relay. Andrew Higgins will be the alternate for the relay team.


Mustangs compete in WTC meet

The Gordon-Rushville track team traveled to Morrill last Thursday to compete in the annual Western Trails Conference meet with the men finishing 4th overall with 70 team points and the women taking 6th with 40 points.

Mens Results

100 Meters Varsity - Finals

4th - Denis Mulcahy 11.72a 

7th - Elijah Jackson 12.28a 

100 Meters Varsity - Prelims

4th - Denis Mulcahy 11.52a PR 

7th - Elijah Jackson 12.29a 

14th - Tommy Bragg 13.14a PR 

200 Meters Varsity - Finals

2nd - Korby Campbell 22.76a PR 

7th - Elijah Jackson 25.33a PR 

200 Meters Varsity - Prelims

4.th - Korby Campbell 22.92a 

8th - Elijah Jackson 25.46a 

9th - Andrew Higgins 25.51a PR 

400 Meters Varsity - Finals

3rd - Korby Campbell 53.49a 

4th - Denis Mulcahy 54.38a 

800 Meters Varsity - Finals

4th - Zane Hamilton 2:18.27a SR 

1600 Meters Varsity - Finals

7th - Logan Dexter 5:29.79a 

8th - Max Meng 5:44.83a PR 

15th - Jesse Moss 6:16.43a SR 

3200 Meters Varsity - Finals

5th - Justin Frandsen 12:05.88a SR 

4x100 Relay Varsity - Finals

5th - Andrew Higgins, Damian Holeman, Harley Bayne, Elijah Jackson 49.84a 

4x400 Relay Varsity - Finals

1st - Korby Campbell, Jared Nelson, Zane Hamilton, Denis Mulcahy 3:39.76a 

4x800 Relay Varsity - Finals

3rd - Zane Hamilton, Jared Nelson, Max Meng, Logan Dexter 9:30.04a 

Shot Put - 12lb Varsity - Finals

7th - Damian Holeman 37-10.50 

14th - Rett Andrews 32-03.00 

18th - Cade Fisher 29-06.00 

Discus - 1.6kg Varsity - Finals

8th - Cade Fisher 104-00 

11th - Damian Holeman 95-05 PR 

18th - Rett Andrews 82-00 

High Jump Varsity - Finals

3rd - Jared Nelson 5-08.00 

Max Meng NH 

Long Jump Varsity - Finals

1st - Korby Campbell 20-10.00 

8th - Elijah Jackson 17-06.50 PR 

12th - Andrew Higgins 17-01.50 

Triple Jump Varsity - Finals

2nd - Andrew Higgins 39-01.00 PR 

8th - Harley Bayne 35-11.00 PR 

Womens Results

100 Meters Varsity - Finals

7th - Callie Shultz 14.03a 

100 Meters Varsity - Prelims

6th - Callie Shultz 13.98a 

11th - Matison Moore 14.60a PR 

12th - Beth Bragg 14.80a PR 

200 Meters Varsity - Prelims

11th - Callie Shultz 29.95a 

13th - Faith Brehmer 30.21a SR 

15th - Beth Bragg 31.24a PR 

400 Meters Varsity - Finals

3rd - Faith Brehmer 1:07.72a SR 

5th - Matison Moore 1:11.50a 

800 Meters Varsity - Finals

5th - Shelby Hurlburt 3:08.32a PR 

1600 Meters Varsity - Finals

11th - Moss Bayne 7:08.72a PR 

12th - Ashton Davis 7:14.44a PR 

13th - Kee Lovell 7:46.36a 

3200 Meters Varsity - Finals

10th - Maddee Schmidit 16:35.19a PR 

11th - India Rittgarn 17:44.05a 

4x100 Relay Varsity - Finals

7th - Beth Bragg, Grace Anderson, Jacobie Knight, Sierra Garrett 57.42a 

4x400 Relay Varsity - Finals

2nd - Matison Moore, Callie Shultz, Jayla Brehmer, Faith Brehmer 4:35.77a 

4x800 Relay Varsity - Finals

5th - Madison Cotant, Mikayla Jaggers, Moss Bayne, Shelby Hurlburt 12:40.13a 

Shot Put - 4kg Varsity - Finals

12th - Jacobie Knight 27-01.50 

20th - Bree Lovell 23-09.50 PR 

21st - India Rittgarn 23-07.50 

Discus - 1kg Varsity - Finals

5th - Jacobie Knight 90-09.50 

12th - India Rittgarn 77-01 

15th - Sierra Garrett 72-04 

High Jump Varsity - Finals

1st - Jayla Brehmer 4-08.00 

Long Jump Varsity - Finals

2nd - Jayla Brehmer 14-08.50 

9th - Grace Anderson 12-04.00 PR 

Triple Jump Varsity - Finals

8th - Matison Moore 28-06.50 

10th - Grace Anderson 27-08.50 SR 

11th - Moss Bayne 27-04.00 SR 

The Mustangs will be competing in the Chadron Twilight meet this Thursday afternoon. The meet was pushed ahead from Friday due to the weather forecast.


Mustangs fall to Mitchell in Subdistrict final to end season in heart-breaking fashion

By Jordan Huether

The Gordon-Rushville boys basketball team entered the C1-12 Subdistrict bracket as the top seed and favorite to advance to the district final on Monday. The door seemed wide open to advance to the state tournament with Cozad falling in subdistricts and two .500 teams playing Thursday on the other side of the bracket. All that stood in their way was the Mitchell Tigers, a sub .500 team whom the Mustangs had easily handled by an average margin of 16.5 points in two regular season competitions.

The Mustangs found themselves facing an entirely different Tigers team Thursday though – one hungry for a shot at the state tournament. Gordon-Rushville was able to pull away to a 20-14 lead at the end of the first quarter, thanks in part to some hot shooting from beyond the arc, but the shots seemed to quit falling in the second quarter while Mitchell held nothing back on both sides of the ball to outscore the Mustangs 18-9 in the quarter, taking a 32-19 halftime lead. The Tigers would hold the lead for most of the game, with the Mustangs occasionally going up by a basket, but never for long. The Mustangs never gave up, battling to the very end – with several players on both teams fowling out in the process – but Mitchell held on to win it 70-67 and advance to the district final.

Mitchell faced the Ogallala Indians Monday night in Sidney, falling 73-56 to end their season and hopes of reaching the state tournament.

The Mustangs were led in scoring by junior Dylan Schwarting with 18, followed by seniors Korby Campbell and Jared Nelson with 17 each, Morgan Hurlburt 5, Carson Hinn 4, and Trace Beguin, Brady Bohlender and Corbin Bailey with two a piece.

The Mustangs shot a combined 48% from the floor, 18% from beyond the arc. They made 63% of their free throws as a team. Beguin and Campbell led the team in rebounds with 5, Nelson led with 6 assists, and Schwarting led in steals with 2. The team committed a total of 25 fowls trying to stifle the Tigers’ offense.

The team finishes with an impressive 20-5 season record with plenty of accomplishments to be proud of, including a WTC title.


Mustangs compete in state wrestling

Quin Child and Conner Halverson represented Gordon-Rushville High School at the 2018 NSAA State wrestling championships.

C126: Quin Child (26-23) place is unknown and scored 2.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 - Wyatt Smydra (Norfolk Catholic) 39-14 won by major decision over Quin Child (Gordon-Rushville) 26-23 (MD 8-0)

Cons. Round 1 - Quin Child (Gordon-Rushville) 26-23 won by decision over Hunter Mcnulty (Logan View) 28-13 (Dec 7-5)

Cons. Round 2 - Quin Child (Gordon-Rushville) 26-23 won by decision over Joseph Hinrichs (Sutton) 40-12 (Dec 5-4)

Cons. Round 3 - Noah Styskal (David City) 38-6 won by fall over Quin Child (Gordon-Rushville) 26-23 (Fall 2:36)

C152: Conner Halverson (31-17) place is unknown and scored 4.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 - Conner Halverson (Gordon-Rushville) 31-17 won by decision over Kile Bentley (Centura) 41-13 (Dec 6-2)

Quarterfinal - Spencer Warner (Louisville) 51-2 won by fall over Conner Halverson (Gordon-Rushville) 31-17 (Fall 2:46)

Cons. Round 2 - Conner Halverson (Gordon-Rushville) 31-17 won by major decision over Clayton Shoemaker (Ord) 33-19 (MD 12-2)

Cons. Round 3 - Dylan Vodicka (David City) 36-16 won by fall over Conner Halverson (Gordon-Rushville) 31-17 (Fall 3:29)


Running Hawk represents Hay Springs in state wrestling

Hay Springs’ Bryce Running Hawk competed in the 2018 NSAA Championships for wrestling and earned 7.00 team points.

D182: Bryce Running Hawk (22-12) place is unknown and scored 7.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 - Bryce Running Hawk (Hay Springs) 22-12 won by fall over Kaleb Senff (Axtell) 15-25 (Fall 3:39)

Quarterfinal - Matthew Pearson (Cambridge) 42-7 won by fall over Bryce Running Hawk (Hay Springs) 22-12 (Fall 1:34)

Cons. Round 2 - Bryce Running Hawk (Hay Springs) 22-12 won by fall over Michael Jensen (Winside) 26-18 (Fall 3:58)

Cons. Round 3 - Layne Heese (Pender) 45-7 won by decision over Bryce Running Hawk (Hay Springs) 22-12 (Dec 2-1)


Mustangs advance to subdistrict final against Mitchell

The Gordon-Rushville boys basketball team rode a five-game winning streak into the subdistrict opener in Alliance Tuesday evening as they looked to repeat their success over the Valentine Badgers. With the Mustangs’ 51-35 victory, they advance to the subdistrict C1-12 final. They face Mitchell on Thursday, February 22 at 7 p.m. in Alliance.

The Mustangs came out strong on both sides of the ball against the Badgers. After establishing a 20-12 lead at the end of the first quarter, the Mustangs continued to apply pressure while on defense. They limited Valentine to 4 points in the second quarter and extended their lead to 36-16. 

After halftime, the Mustangs struggled at the rim during the third quarter but maintained a 13-point advantage over Valentine. The Mustangs won the first round of the subdistrict C1-12 bracket and will advance to the finals to face Mitchell after their 38-36 win over Chadron. That game is on Thursday, February 22 at 7 p.m. at the Alliance High School.

Senior Jared Nelson led the way on offense, scoring 16 points during the game. Korby Campbell scored 9 points and Dylan Schwarting had 8 points. Campbell led the team with 9 rebounds and 3 steals. Carson Hinn and Trace Beguin both had one block during the game.

The Mustangs, who haven’t lost since before the Western Trails Conference tournament, are the favorite to win the subdistrict bracket. They enter as the top seed and are undefeated this season against the other three teams in their subdistrict.

The Mustangs just played Valentine this past Friday, easily handling the Badgers in a 59-33 win. If the boys are able to continue their success this week, they will advance to the district final Monday, February 26.


Hawks drop basketball game to Hyannis 57-38

By Lauren Brant

Hay Springs boys basketball team took the court on Tuesday, January 30 against Hyannis. 

After Hyannis received the opening tip-off, both offenses struggled to get on the board. Hyannis was first to convert and jumped out to a 6-point advantage. The Hawks struggled to maintain possession of the basketball as the Longhorns striped the ball.

On defense, the Hawks also struggled against the Longhorns’ fast breaks. Hyannis passed behind the Hawks’ defense, which resulted in uncontested lay-ups. As the Hawks struggled on offense, the first quarter ended with Hyannis sinking a 3-pointer at the buzzer to go up 19-0.

Throughout the contest, the Hawks were aggressive and fought for the basketball. However, they struggled to contain the Longhorns’ offense, only outscoring them in the fourth quarter. The Hawks lost 57-38.

Junior Trent Reed led the team with 20 points with senior Tony Toof contributing the second most points at 7 for the Hawks.

The Hawks’ last regular season home game of the winter 2017-18 season will be on February 8 against Crawford.

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